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Opening Hours

  1. The mmanagement reserves the right of entry. Stric dress code is required.
  2. The member card is annual and compulsory. It's exclusively established on production of an identity card.
  3. The main rule is respect at any level.
  4. Mobile phones and cameras are forbidden inside the club.
  5. Any illicit substance (whatever nature it is) is forbidden.
  6. Drinks are unlimited but the management reserves the right not to serve you alcoholic drinks if necessary.
  7. By security measures, it is forbidden to smoke and take drinks upstairs.
  8. The management refuses to accept responsibility for loss or theft of articles.
  9. Any person entering in couple is obliged to leave in couple. Any exit is for good.
  10. Except on the third week-end of the month, members will go through the changing rooms as soon as they arrive in the club (sexy under-wears).
  11. Any disregard, any lack of good manners and any alcohol kind of abuse will not be allowed.
  12. The management reserves the right to eject any member disregarding one of these rules.