Swinger Club Le Val d'Amour


House rules some rules for better living together

1. Respect is required at all levels (from other members, places etc.).
2. The management reserves the right of entry. Proper attire is required.
3. The membership card is annual and compulsory. It is established exclusively on presentation of an identity document. It remains a privilege and is in no way a guaranteed entry must.

4. Cell phones and cameras are prohibited inside the establishment.
5. Any illegal substance of any kind is prohibited.
6. Drinks are at discretion, i.e. the management reserves the right to no longer serve you alcoholic drinks if it deems it necessary.

7. It is forbidden to smoke and take drinks upstairs. A smoking area is available.
8. The club declines all responsibility in the event of loss or theft.
9. Anyone entering as a couple is required to leave as a couple. All exits are final.

10. Except during discovery evenings, members will go to the cloakroom (light clothes or lingerie) as soon as they arrive at the establishment.
11. Any form of disrespect, misconduct or alcohol abuse will not be tolerated.
12. The management reserves the right to expel any member in the event of non-compliance with any of these rules.